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Become A Donor Today!

Education is the key to understanding what organ donation can do for someone and how you can be a donor. It also dispels the myths about organ donation. Organ donation doesn't only change the life of anyone who comes in contact with the recipient.

Economic assistance from LCTF is directly related to the expenses associeated with a transplant. For example, LCTF will help defray such cost as medical expenses, medication expenses, traveling expenses to ad from hospital, medical appointments, food and lodging cost.

Life Changing Transplant Foundation (LCTF) is dedicated to making patients and their family lives easier during the process from diagnosis to after transplantation and the years to follow.

Families struggle through this process due to the time missed at work while taking care of the patient.

The cost of medication is expensive even with insurance. LCTF can assist with co-pays.