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In March of 2008 Life Changing Transplant Foundation was birthed as a result of a deep passion and compassion to see lives change. LCTF goal and desire is to provide financial assistance to patients and family members before and after transplant surgery. Our goal is to provide econimic relief for pre and post-transplant patients. Organ and tissue donation saves lives; therefore our mission is to educate the surrounding communities of the importance of organ donation thus giving someone an opportunity to live.



Education is the key to understanding what organ donation can do for someone and how you can be a donor. It also dispels the myths about organ donation. Organ donation doesn't only change the life of any one who come in contact with the recipient.


Economic assistance from LCTF is directly related to the expenses associated with a transplant. For example, LCTF will help defray such cost as medical expenses, medication expenses, traveling expenses to and from hospital, medical appointments, food and lodging cost.


Life Changing Transplant Foundation (LCTF) is dedicated to making patients and their family lives easier during the process from diagnosis to after transplantation and the years to follow.


Families struggle through this process due to the time missed at work while taking care of the patient.


The cost of medication is expensive even with insurance. LCTF can assist with the co-pays.

LCTF Assistance Program


To qualify for financial assistance you must:


1. Submit an application via fax or mail.


2. Be an organ transplant patient or the immediate family member of an organ transplant patient.


3. A North Carolina resident.


4. Be UNOS listed or the immediate family member of someone UNOS listed.


5. Have an emergency situation related to transplant.


Download Application Here! 

How Can I Help?


You can help by signing up to become a donor today! There are two ways that you can donate:


1. Sign up to become an organ donor today. 8 lives can be saved through organ donation and 50 lives can be enhanced through tissue donation.


2. Make monetary donations to LCTF